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Derrick Rose Won’t Partake In Physical Activity For 2 Weeks, Will Be Fitted For Protective Maskf

Ok.  It’s time to have a serious talk about Derrick Rose.  While he may be extremely talented, talent does us no good on the bench.  Is there any reason we should keep this kid around when he is always injured, and then while injured he is also concerned about his next contract?

By cwesterlundcbs

(CBS) The plan is for Bulls point guard Derrick Rose to not partake in any physical activity for two weeks after he had surgery Wednesday on a left orbital fracture, coach Fred Hoiberg said, and he’ll be fitted for a protective mask to wear upon his return.

“He’s very sensitive to light,” Hoiberg said Thursday. “(The doctors) just don’t want anything to happen to his eye. Surgery went great. He’s been advised to not do any physical activity at all for two weeks, for two full weeks. Hopefully let that sight heal and then hopefully once that two weeks is over, we’ll start getting him back into basketball activity. I don’t know how long it will take him to get back into playing shape.”

Rose suffered the injury in Tuesday’s season-opening practice when he drove baseline and took an elbow from one of Chicago’s big men on a kickout pass. He wasn’t at Bulls practice Thursday morning, as doctors don’t want him leaving his house until his follow-up appointment Friday. The hope is that Rose will then get clearance to leave his house more and observe Bulls’ practices, where Hoiberg is installing new offensive and defensive systems.

If Rose begins basketball activities two weeks from now as the Bulls hope, three preseason games would remain after that. Chicago’s regular-season opener is against Cleveland on Oct. 27 at the United Center.

Hoiberg remained optimistic that Rose can return for the season opener.

“I hope so,” Hoiberg said. “I hope so. Like I said, once everything hopefully heals up in these first couple weeks, he should be able to resume full activities, so that would hopefully give him a couple weeks to prepare and get himself ready.

“The biggest thing with this one is just getting him into basketball shape, making sure he’s doing OK before we get him back out there and scrimmage … It’s just about getting his timing back.

“He’ll get it back quick, because he is in great shape right now.”